Click away if you’re not up for something beyond a tweet or quick platitude on the day…I won’t be offended.  This is more of a journal entry than a blog and maybe uninteresting to those of you scrolling your feed. However, its the first chance I’ve had to write for a while from the part of me that inner monologues on most days.  The first time my schedule has been clear in weeks, so I’m here, with coffee in hand, invoking the muses to get a few words out before the hustle of the holiday takes hold.

My thoughts today are like most days, scattered on a few different things. I’m thinking about the fire survivors and praying for a few pleasant moments today to break through the horror of what happened and the horror of the bureaucratic mess that lies ahead to put their lives back together.

I’m thinking of all of those who are out there, shoulder to shoulder, working to create those few pleasant moments for people today.  I’m grateful for the huge hearts that are using their precious time on this planet today to ease suffering. Hospitality is the highest form of human connection, the true opposite of evil and as my latest interview, Gordana Biernat explained in our chat yesterday, the highest frequency of humanity.

I’m grateful for my new colleagues at iheart.  The past few months ramping up in the new position has been learning new workflows, new rythyms with my co-anchor Dan Mitchinson.  It is now quite comfortable to see Joe Maumee in his robe in the breakroom, see Big Al waving good morning as he passes the KFBK studio or run into Jack Armstrong as we both make a dash for the employee restroom during a commercial break.  I’m grateful to be working with people who are happy and creative. From the producers to the writers to the reporters…everyone is striving to do what’s best for the listener. That is important to me and I’m grateful it is important to my colleagues.

I’m grateful for a friend circle that is small but strong.  Women like Alisa, Cate, Jane, Dani, Katie, Charmaine, Jill, Jeni, Lori have listened to my crazy ideas and pushed me to be a better version of myself.  I’m grateful to have a few strong men in my tribe as well: Will, Phil, Brad and mostly my husband Jon who is the keeper of my craziest ideas, the smartest person I know, loves the weakest in me and is a hype man like no other.

Finally, gratitude’s day wouldn’t be complete without thanking everyone who tunes in, anyone who hits me up on social, anyone who emails.  If you engage with me at all…I’m thankful for you. When I create anything from a podcast, to an audio story, a video story, when I write or think or imagine, when I hit the on button on the mic each day…I have you in mind.  I try to bring the best version of myself to you each day and for 25 years in this market…you’ve shown up. Thanks for allowing me a tiny bit of space in your life. Happy Thanksgiving to you and I hope you find much to be grateful for today.