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This series is informed by the world of entrepreneurs as a true testament to their successes. With the ability to create influence and prestige, the Power Profiles were made to drive successful and inspiring professionals to grow their customer base, connect with other entrepreneurs, be part of an elevated platform, discover new avenues for publishing and funding, and much more.


Cristina Mendonsa is an entrepreneur, award-winning journalist, writer, executive producer, speaker, and educator who tells stories with impact and heart. With more than two decades of storytelling experience across multiple platforms, she has a passion for creating relevant, transparent stories that showcase the strength, resilience, and beauty in our communities and each other.


With Cristina’s creative direction and knowledge, Power Profiles was brought to life as a platform to highlight impactful and inspiring creators, entrepreneurs, business owners, and public figures. After working in journalism for over twenty years, she has created a community that could respond to contemporary conversations, entrepreneurial discussions, and sharing business know-how only felt natural. Whether in the world of business ownership, social, or political endeavors, Cristina is making an impact by profiling today’s leading thinkers, entrepreneurs, and change makers from all over the world. Combined with her passion for unique storytelling, Cristina’s Power Profiles are dedicated to supporting and promoting business culture through various publishing platforms, unique intel, and sharing of experiences. By creating a platform that allows for business owners and leaders to share relevant ideas, creativity, and inspiring stories, the Power Profiles can positively impact not only our daily lives but also our society as a whole.


Cristina has an innate ability to find the true human story in any experience, and exceptional details within each person that she interviews. Over the years, she has honed her skills by profiling top professionals such as: 


  • Anderson Cooper,
  • Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard
  • Barbara Bush
  • Fareed Zakariah
  • Authors Michael Pollan and Michael Lewis
  • Mr. T
  • Jay Leno
  • Ex models and ex NFL players
  • Mixed martial arts
  • Ellen Degeneres
  • and many more



“Cristina just understands people and how to tell the story in a way that is both respectful yet intriguing and authentic.”

Dr. Melinda Keenan
Executive Director, Center for Post Traumatic Growth


“Cristina raised the bar of our presence in the community. The quality of her work, the ease of working with her, hands down she is the best.”

Joe Gagliardi
CEO, Greater Folsom Partnership


“Working with Cristina and her team was absolutely one of the best decisions we made. She created content that was compelling and her experience and professional touch was invaluable.”

Danielle Roe
CEO of Danielle Roe Events


Through your Power Profiles feature, you will gain access to a network of professionals from a wide array of backgrounds and businesses. You’ll also receive her “5-7 minute piece” that’s crafted by an award-winning journalist. 

Within the feature, you’ll go through a series of interviews that cover your retrospective story and accomplishments that she will use to uncover the personalized story behind your own success. She will use the narrative to connect the dots between your experiences and accomplishments. Additionally, you’ll discover what makes you stand out within your own industry and what inflection points of your life have been perfectly applied to your own profession. This process is perfect for internal communication, video releases, website additions, client education, and for working with potential investors. 



  • Create excitement around your business and yourself as a leader
  • Establish yourself as a thought leader in your field
  • Build credibility with your existing audience
  • Reach audiences that were previously outside of your sphere of influence
  • Feature your personality highlight reel
  • Gain a unique understanding of who are and why you should invest more into your business
  • Use for internal communication assistance and onboarding
  • Gain internal clarity on your brand/business direction
  • Connect your vision to something concrete
  • Build brand loyalty and company loyalty
  • Have a bank of top quality social media content
  • Connect  your vision/philosophy to your customers’ world
  • Utilize perfectly for pre-speech introductions