“A hard-hitting, no-nonsense, committed, strong-willed journalist

who is  an asset for the broadcasting industry.”

-Philippe Matthews Show


Welcome!  I am Cristina Mendonsa, an EMMY/Murrow award winning journalist, writer and executive producer. With more than 20 years of content creation experience in radio, TV and digital platforms, I tell relevant, targeted and transparent stories with impact and humanity.  In an era of “fake news” you need a #crediblemessenger  

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The Importance of Empathy in Journalism

“Stories are data with a soul” I love this Brene brown quote. It applies to her life as a qualitative researcher and how the stories her subjects tell her are leading her groundbreaking work in the understanding of shame, vulnerability and living wholeheartedly. She...
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Leading Creatives

Our work has become more creative and less routine than ever. Offshoring and technological advances only support an increase in demand for creative thinkers for the emerging jobs. Self motivation is a must for those right-brained jobs in which you have daily goals but...
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Mother F’Atude

My favorite part of writing a story is the moment after I finish transcribing all of my interviews and have sorted my research. I sit before an empty document on my computer and wait. Within a few seconds (or minutes) the story starts to tell itself and I just write...
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