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Mendonsa Media creates multi-media content strategies that inspire.


We Create Compelling Content Strategies

Every day, brands are waking up to the fact that they have to be a their own network. Feeding your platforms delicious content is what we do.  We identify your core message and build out your story through stunning video, custom graphics and elegant copy.   However, the most beautiful content needs a strategy to find the right audience.  At Mendonsa Media, our goal is to connect your audience to your story, building loyalty and trust. 

We leverage our skills to solve your content needs. 



 We get in the trenches with you to develop and craft captivating messages that inspire trust.  We have all the latest tech tools but it’s romancing the message that drives action. We are hardwired for outstanding work with the soft skills and just enough eccentricity to create something unique.




Award-winning videographers, motion graphic designers, animators and copy writers get to work on your messaging.  With a network of partners nationwide and in most countries, we can get you exactly the footage you need. 



Next, we’ll craft a content journey that takes viewers through your messaging with legs and yield so you get the most content for your budget to take advantage of every platform—it’s 50 shades of your brand meeting both your loyal core audience and those you want to join you.  

About Our Work

Mendonsa Media produces content for all industries as well as  documentaries, curriculum and video for virtual events, websites and social platforms.  Our founder also conducts media training, crisis management and content building seminars for small business.  Taking your viewers on a journey to the heart of your business is what we do and we’d love to partner with you.


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A Fresh Agenda

In her podcast and blog, A Fresh Agenda, Cristina Mendonsa brings innovators and entrepreneurs center stage to share the secret on how they stay creative, fresh, and uncover their deepest work.

2021- Leave the Shadow Behind

Hiking has been my best therapy during the pandemic.  My husband and I do a lot of it locally and whenever we travel. If you know, you know. Climbing, walking, negotiating the switchbacks together and 30 feet apart allows you to dissolve into our own thoughts....

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Here we are at 2020 and I’m ready for some clarity, how about you? Having 2020 vision on your life, your business, your goals and your plans brings everything into focus and allows you to start pruning the areas of your life that no longer serve you. Since 2017, I’ve...

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Gratitude’s Day

Click away if you’re not up for something beyond a tweet or quick platitude on the day…I won’t be offended.  This is more of a journal entry than a blog and maybe uninteresting to those of you scrolling your feed. However, its the first chance I’ve had to write for a while from the part of me that inner monologues on most days.  The first time my schedule has been clear in weeks, so I’m here, with coffee in hand, invoking the muses to get a few words out before the hustle of the holiday takes hold.

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