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Mendonsa Media creates multi-media projects that inspire.


We Create Compelling Content

We believe videos should inspire action and deliver results, that’s why we approach every project strategically with a deep understanding of your brand message and audience. In turn, we help our clients grow their audience through compelling, unique content. At Mendonsa Media, our goal is to emotionally connect with your audience through a credible story that builds loyalty and strengthens your business. 

Engage Your Audience

Effective video begins with a strategic brand message that is meaningful and relevant to your audience. We’ll help you develop and craft captivating content that inspires trust.

Inspire Action

Our video production process is founded on authentic storytelling and creative techniques designed to emotionally connect with your audience, build your brand story, and drive action.

Share Your Story

Now that you have a great video, what’s next? We’ll help you market your content by defining your target audience and choosing channels that reach the widest possible audience.

About Our Work

Mendonsa Media has produced a wide range of promotional and corporate videos, as well as internal communications and training videos/educational documentaries for small and large businesses, trade organizations, non-profits, city governments, and education platforms. Mendonsa Media tells every story with clarity and enthusiasm while taking your viewers on a journey to the heart of your business.

Our Clients

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In her podcast and blog, A Fresh Agenda, Cristina Mendonsa brings innovators and entrepreneurs center stage to share the secret on how they stay creative, fresh, and uncover their deepest work.

Gratitude’s Day

Click away if you’re not up for something beyond a tweet or quick platitude on the day…I won’t be offended.  This is more of a journal entry than a blog and maybe uninteresting to those of you scrolling your feed. However, its the first chance I’ve had to write for a while from the part of me that inner monologues on most days.  The first time my schedule has been clear in weeks, so I’m here, with coffee in hand, invoking the muses to get a few words out before the hustle of the holiday takes hold.

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Weapons of Mass Dysfunction

   ((I wrote this essay more than a year ago for a management course in graduate school but dusted it off this month because its a reminder for leaders, official or unofficial, how to set the tone for a new year and how crucial good leadership is to fire up the...

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The Importance of Empathy in Journalism

“Stories are data with a soul” I love this Brene brown quote. It applies to her life as a qualitative researcher and how the stories her subjects tell her are leading her groundbreaking work in the understanding of shame, vulnerability and living wholeheartedly. She...

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