Late News Tonight is a one of kind local news program featuring embedded stories, investigative, verify stories and news of the day with a deeper dive into topics of interest in Northern California


The Sacramento Speakers Series brings top tier talent from entertainment, science, politics and sports to the Capital City and I’m proud to moderate each evening and conduct Q & A with all presenters 



Global Entrepreneurism is explored in this 5 part multimedia presentation produced for the Centers for International Trade Development



California Spirit is a digital program that explores the history and wine and/or spirits produced in West Coast appellations.



A Fresh Agenda taps the knowledge of thought leaders, life hackers and those whose purpose is to Inspire!  We all get lost “in the shallows” of social media scrolling and multi-tasking our days away.  AFA is a tap on the shoulder, a refocusing on the most creative part of you.

 The world needs your deep work!