Here we are at 2020 and I’m ready for some clarity, how about you?

Having 2020 vision on your life, your business, your goals and your plans brings everything into focus and allows you to start pruning the areas of your life that no longer serve you.

Since 2017, I’ve picked a theme for each year, a mantra and verbal guide post that helped me with decisions and brought me back to the goal when I started to stray into projects that weren’t serving my goals. 2017 was a year of reflection.  I left an old job, took a few months off and thought hard about what I wanted to be next. It’s that mid-career flex that all of us will go through and taking that time to think about the next iteration of you is crucial. 

 2018 was “The Year of Yes”.  I said yes to anything and everything that showed up. That year found me exploring all sides of the cannabis industry, education, international trade and setting up a business.   2019 was the year of “radical relevance”. I leaned in hard on my podcast, our new morning show at KFBK, thinking everyday about how to bring the best content to our listeners. I also helped a dozen clients bring radical relevance to their own messages with not only content but media training, crisis plans and leadership lectures. 2020 will be my year of #contentisclarity by helping my clients clarify messages, helping KFBK listeners get clarity on what news matters to them and helping myself clarify my own goals and business plans, pruning what no longer serves.  Want to join me? Try these three things to get your own 2020 vision in the new year:

1. Treat yourself like the VIP you are. This means getting the sleep, exercise, meditation time you need. How would you treat your best employee? Your highest grossing salesperson? You are your own best asset. Take care of that investment by setting some boundaries and getting what you need to perform at your highest level. Talk to yourself and say NICE THINGS. Treat yourself as you would a dear friend. Be kind and encouraging.
2.Share your goals. Make some content, write a blog, get in front of your phone-cam and share your vision for 2020. We can’t cheer you on unless we know what you’re up to. It can be hard and uncomfortable to put your innermost goals out there but many people are ready and willing to be your audience and your inspiration. Hell, write me! Tell me what you’re up to for the year…
Do a 6 month check in. Put a big X mark on June 1st. Make a 30 minute appointment with yourself to run down your goals for the year. Make sure each of them are clear or clarify them at this time. Remember #contentisclarity

Let’s roar into 2020 with energy and inspiration. Take the time to do the work!