Cristina’s energy, credibility, and warmth naturally engages and influences audiences, on and off camera, leading to higher engagement from donors and target audiences. She has supported the Children’s Miracle Network as a spokesperson, helping them raise $573,586 for UC Davis Children’s Hospital. She was a spokesperson for A Child’s Voice, Child Advocacy Center’s 2018 video campaign and voice-over spokesperson for Disney executive Doug Lipp’s “Disney U” program.

As moderator for the Sacramento speakers series, Cristina helps host an event bringing top-caliber personalities from politics, education, science, and entertainment. She has guided speakers and political figures such as Robert Gates, Jay Leno, Alice Waters, and Julia Gillard seamlessly through the event by facilitating meet and greets and conducting live Q&A sessions.

“I’ve heard so many great comments from everyone who attended. I am already getting questions about next year . . . You know you did a great job with an event when people want to be involved in some way.”

—Rena Matthews, Sutter Care at Home


As a speaker and educator, Cristina regularly lectures on trends in contemporary journalism and conducts on-site training in leadership, credibility, and storytelling for professionals. Building on her master’s degree in Communications and Leadership, she continues to research these topics while producing and narrating trade lectures and consulting on college curriculum.

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