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A Fresh Agenda (AFA) is the inspiring and forward-thinking podcast created and produced by Cristina Mendonsa. AFA taps the knowledge of innovators and entrepreneurs who share their secrets on creativity and how they stay on the cutting edge of their industries. Listen to A Fresh Agenda on iTunes, Soundcloud, or right here on the site!

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2021- Leave the Shadow Behind

Hiking has been my best therapy during the pandemic.  My husband and I do a lot of it locally and whenever we travel. If you know, you know. Climbing, walking, negotiating the switchbacks together and 30 feet apart allows you to dissolve into our own thoughts....

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Here we are at 2020 and I’m ready for some clarity, how about you? Having 2020 vision on your life, your business, your goals and your plans brings everything into focus and allows you to start pruning the areas of your life that no longer serve you. Since 2017, I’ve...

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Gratitude’s Day

Click away if you’re not up for something beyond a tweet or quick platitude on the day…I won’t be offended.  This is more of a journal entry than a blog and maybe uninteresting to those of you scrolling your feed. However, its the first chance I’ve had to write for a while from the part of me that inner monologues on most days.  The first time my schedule has been clear in weeks, so I’m here, with coffee in hand, invoking the muses to get a few words out before the hustle of the holiday takes hold.

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